As We Close Out This Year


As the year comes to a close we may be spending time looking back on what happened in the last 12 months.  And that is okay.  It is always great for us to look back at the joys we have had.  In fact, it raises our spirits just to think of times when we were happy.  Stop and think about the last time you really laughed – right now.  Feels good.

However, if we are looking back and feeling guilt or anger – we can look at what we can let go of.  We can ask ourselves some important questions.

Is there anyone we need to apologize to?  Is there anything we can do to make any situation we are feeling less than loving about more loving?  Are there any amends we can make to anyone?

Is there anyone we need to forgive – not for their sake, but for our own mental well-being?  Even when they have not apologized to us – if we hold a grudge and do not forgive, it does not really affect them – it hurts us.  Holding a grudge is hard on a body and on a spirit.  When we forgive, we let go – and that is freeing for us.

Letting go means asking the important questions first.  Have we done everything we can do?  When we have, we can truly let go.

Let’s start the new year with a clean emotional slate.


Photo credit: Bill Evans

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