Intentions Instead Of Resolutions


The year is coming to a close and many of us make resolutions for the new year.  We make resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, take more vacations, get a better job.  All the things we think are wrong in our lives – we think our resolutions can fix them.  But really, how often does a resolution work?  How long do we stick to it?

First off, let’s look at the resolution process.  We look around our lives to find what is not working.  What can we fix?  That is not a loving way to start off healthy change.

Instead let’s think about what is working.  What we would like to see more of?  What brings us joy?

Let’s set intentions instead.  Let’s intend to be more loving toward ourselves and others – not next year, but right now.  Let’s intend to be kind, compassionate and patient with ourselves and others.  Let’s intend to start right now.

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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