All Kinds Of Teachers


According to 7 out of 8 surveys I found online – having better health is the number one resolution in 2015.  Health is vitally important and the basis of a great life.  We do not all have good health due to many things.  Heredity or our own less than loving habits are the leading causes.

When we take care of ourselves, we are loving ourselves.  Giving our bodies exercise and movement is a very loving thing we can do for ourselves.  We come up with excuses – why we do not get up and move.  But we all know that when we are active, we feel better all around.

When we struggle with exercise – when we have lots of excuses or just do not want to do it – we can kick start ourselves by finding a professional.  Professional trainers are not just for athletes.  There are lots of amazing professional trainers who are there just for you.  Yes, it does cost money – depending on where you live and where you find your trainer.  But it is an investment in your health and in your future.  A friend of mine recently stopped eating out and saved enough money to see a trainer every other week.  There could be creative solutions for you too.

They can help you find exercises that work perfectly for you.  They can give you encouragement and cheer you on.  Being active and working out is their thing – they can give you tons of ideas.

A misconception about personal training is that you have to be in really good shape to go to one.  A personal trainer will help you get in really good shape.  They will help you work with any physical challenges you have.  I even know trainers who work with people who live with wheelchairs.

Personal trainers are teachers.  Those of us who are not athletes have a lot to learn from them.  They can teach us healthy ways to live and move our bodies.

You can check into personal trainers in the yellow pages – or if you are in the Los Angeles area definitely see my friend, Osa.  Her website is at  You can also find her on Facebook and be inspired:

She also took the incredible photo from her gorgeous trip home to Sweden.  Thanks Osa!


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