Make The Best Of It


It is cold and snowy here in the heartland of the U.S.  In other parts of the world I see photos of my friends swimming and taking long, hot hikes.  A lot of us wish for the opposite of whatever our weather is.  But we cannot change the weather.

When we run into something we cannot change, we often resist it.  We long for hot weather, then we long for cold weather – and that gets us no where.  We just spend all of our time longing.

Instead we can accept what we cannot change and get a new perspective of it.  The air is clean and crisp in the winter – we can enjoy it.  The hot summer sun feels amazing for a little while – we can enjoy that.

When we make the best of any situation, we are making the best of our lives.  When we consciously look for the beautiful things, we will see more.  When we choose to be grateful for all of our circumstances – we are living a life of peace.


Photo credit: Dot Thorman

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