Is Your Mirror Clean?


The world is our mirror.  This means what we believe, think, say, feel and do is reflected back to us.  If we believe that the world is a wondrous place, we will see a wondrous place reflected back to us.

Often our thoughts are automatic – running on fumes because we are so busy.  We filter things through our pre-approved beliefs – things we were taught, things we have learned.  But we can stop and question those beliefs if they are not fully loving.  It is okay – no matter who taught them to us – to let them go.  To change them into loving beliefs that support our growth.

In this way we can shine up our mirrors.  We can replace less than loving beliefs, thoughts, feelings – with perfectly loving ones.  And we will see more love reflected back to us.


Photo credit: Dot Thorman

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  1. erikakind says:

    Fantastic, so well observed and explained!

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