It is time to have a nice refreshing glass of water.  Our bodies need lots of water.  Many times when we are feeling tired, it is because we are dehydrated.  Instead of reaching for the coffee mug – try a glass of water first.  The caffeine in coffee and soda dehydrates us even more.  Our organs need a fresh supply of water to perform at their best.

It may sound simple, but being hydrated is super important.  Which makes drinking a glass of water a loving thing for us to do for ourselves.  Throw a piece of fruit in it and it becomes much more interesting.

Make a loving choice for yourself today and drink some water – now.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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  1. Greet Grief says:

    This is so true and especially important the older you get! People also need to know that alcohol is dehydrating which is why you suffer the morning after! Water – nectar of the gods!!

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