Happy Love Day!


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  It is usually a day for sweethearts.  For some people it can be a very challenging day.  People who feel alone – people who have lost their sweethearts.

  I would like to challenge everyone to do something a little different with the day.

Instead of making the day exclusive – just between you and your love – let’s make it global.  Let’s include EVERYONE.  Not just one person.

All day long, let’s share love with everyone.  All of the people we come into contact with.  Let’s love them with smiles and encouragement and hugs too.  Let’s share loving words with every single person we see.

Let’s light the day up with a lot of love.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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  1. Dyan, you are so right. Even I lost it out of sight. But you inspired me that I instantly wrote a post. There is a ping back to your post. Thanks for the love you send through your posts everyday and for your inspiring and motivating words. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.


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