Be Realistic – Miracles Happen


We all know about a miracle.  Maybe it happened to us.  Something seemingly unexpected and joyful just popped up – it seems like all of a sudden.  Just when we needed it the most.

We all know miracles are real.  They happen every day.  Little ones, big ones – they are always happening.

It is okay to be realistic.  Miracles are realistic.  We can believe in them.

We can look for them.  Whatever we focus on the most is what we see the most.  If we are focused on miracles, we can see miracles.  We can expect miracles.  And we can celebrate the miracles of our lives.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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  1. Love the photo and the concept. I just scheduled my posts for the week, and then saw this one of yours. Check out my one on Friday…I think you’ll dig it! 😉 Thanks for sharing the Love!


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