Do You Know This Young Woman?

Hello everyone and happy Thursday!  Today’s blog was written by Tony Scruggs.  Please read on and help him find his biological daughter by sharing this post on social media.  Here is the beautiful young woman we are looking for:


The ‘Language Of Separation’ & a Father/Daughter Connection

If the ‘language of separation’ creates toxic intention, will changing our words change our thoughts, and lead us to the ‘Promise Land’ of Human Connection?

She said: “I gave our daughter up for adoption”

I said: “Thank You for Gifting our Daughter with Adoption”

He said: “So your daughter is mixed?”

I said: “Our daughter is a combination of her Mother & her Father”

They said: “What ‘race’ do you think she identifies as?”

I said: “Since ‘race’ is the entirety, not the variety, Human I think”

She said: “I chose adoptive Parents of each color”

I said: “I’m Grateful for your Courage, Foresight, & Consideration. Oh one more thing, I’m noticing ‘two colors & geography’ doesn’t really align with the Humans are Shades of Brown philosophy, but I Appreciate that he & she are Americans of African & European Ancestry.”

I’m Calling All Angels to HELP find my Daughter: Please Click the link, and if you feel Inspired, please share on social media??

“The way I see it, Life’s a Celebration, especially when we Observe, without evaluation” ~SiMBa

…to learn more about ‘Compassionate Communication’ and ‘Human Variation’, contact @DyanDiamond, and let her know you’re ready to ‘Be The Change’

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