The Opposites Within


This flower is called Phlox and most of the year it looks like it is a near dead ground cover.  But in the spring little flowers bloom like crazy.  It grows easily and just about anywhere sunny.  But keeping people from “helping out” and pulling it when it is not blooming can be challenging.  It does not look pretty when it is not blooming.

We can feel like we have two sides to us.  Like there is a war within.  The attractive side that we bring out for others – and the not so attractive side that we really do not enjoy.

We do not have to pull up that side we do not enjoy so much – or hide it.  It is a part of us and all of our parts are okay.  We might choose to grow and leave behind things about ourselves we do not find enjoyable – but we need to embrace it first.

When we love everything about us, then we can grow.  Then we bloom.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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