We know when we are heading down a road that will not be wonderful for us.  We know when we are doing things that are less than loving for ourselves.  We know we are off track when what we are doing does not feel wonderful.

We do things that are less than wonderful for many reasons.  Maybe we think we are not worth anything wonderful.  Maybe we are holding onto resentment and directing it towards ourselves.  Maybe it is all we know.  Maybe it is what we were taught.

But if it does not feel loving, it is not loving – and we have the opportunity to change our behavior.

When we feel like we are going down a road that does not feel like the most wonderful choice we could make, we can stop and check a map.  Where did we go off track?  How could we change our course to a more loving one?

By making small choices to be kind and compassionate to ourselves, we can get back on track.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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