There are a lot of cool things that money can buy – I will not argue that point.  It is true.  And it is okay.  Money is not inherently “good” or “bad.”  It is how we think about money that makes it feel “good” or “bad.”  And most of us have very complicated thoughts, beliefs and feelings about money.  Money is not bad, it is what we think about it that makes it feel that way to us.  Money is a very personal experience.

We learn about money from our environments, our caregivers when we are young, our experiences and other’s experiences.

If we find that our feelings about money are not completely loving, we can explore our thoughts.  What do we think about money?  About getting it?  About keeping it?  About spending it?  What do we believe about money?

The world reflects back to us what we believe.  We can look at how our beliefs about money have shown up in our lives and relearn more loving, healthy things about it now.  If we take the time to really understand what we think, we can change the reflection we see.

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