The #EmpathyChallenge


This is in response to Tony “The Empathy Guy” Scruggs’ ~ the #EmpathyChallenge  Please check it out here:

I was working at a shelter for battered persons and it was a very busy year.  A woman and her two sons came in late one night.  She had been abused by her husband for almost ten years.  She was confused and in pain.

Just as I got her and the boys settled, the phone started to ring.  Her husband had found her and knew where the shelter was.  We had to move quickly to evacuate her and the boys.

A volunteer came to take them to another shelter, farther away.  As I loaded them up into the van, it was the look on their faces that struck me.  They were so tired, so scared and so unsure about what was happening.  It was not an uncommon thing to happen for me – but for them, it was beyond huge.

My heart just wept for them.  I could feel all of their pain and confusion.  I imagined what it would be like to be a small child, traveling in the middle of the night, trying to stay safe.  I imagined what it was like for their mother to leave her home and all of her things for something she did not know.

I believe that our moments of pure empathy often come at times when we pause and really observe and listen to others.

I invite you to take the #EmpathyChallenge now.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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