Find The Llama


Animals can be fascinating to watch.  There are many good zoos that take loving care of their animals.  We have lots to learn about animals – from watching them and from the experts at the zoo.  If we cannot get out to a zoo – there is a lot of great information online about animals.

Many zoos have live web cams now too.  Here is one of my favorites – Pandas at the San Diego, CA zoo.

Take some time to enjoy learning about an animal you did not know well before this weekend.  Find a llama just for the fun of it.  Or learn about what your favorite animal likes to eat – or how they sleep.  Animals live with us on this big planet and we can understand the world better when we understand them better.

We can continue learning way after we are out of school.  We just have to provide our own lesson plans.  What would we like to know about next?


Photo credit: Chris Mesker

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