By Tony Scruggs

It’s like being a Red Sox fan @ Yankee Stadium! It’s like being a Female walking the male gauntlet of verbal misogyny, trying to make your way home! It’s like being a pledge in a Fraternity during Hell Week! Being ‘Outnumbered’, and living in uncertainty & terror, when you’re considered THE visitor, is excruciating & painful, and some of us experience it everyday!

As an American of African-Ancestry, who lives in a Country that flies symbols of hazing & terror, as expressions of heritage & ancestry, I’m fairly certain that most folks do not like the experience of being Outnumbered & simultaneously invisible! For me (alot of times I’m Outnumbered 10-1), the benefit of being on teams, and in clubs, is that the common focus protects me from the OE (outnumbered experience)!

If an American (Native), tells you that the R-word is a pejorative like the N-word…

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