It can be easy to think that we are better off conforming to who others want us to be – but it is not true.  We are best off being ourselves fully.  We can become resentful when we try to become what others want us to be.  We know down deep that we are not being our authentic selves – and that is very a very challenging way to try to live.

If who we really are is in opposition to who others want us to be – or even expect us to be – it can create challenges for us.  But we can still be ourselves and we can still respect others.  Whether they give us their respect is totally up to them – and often has very little to do with us.

It is our deal to be fully ourselves and to share our gifts with the world.  It is our deal to respect and have compassion for others.  It is not our deal to live up to who others expect us to be.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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