My grandmother was very superstitious.  It was in a playful fun way, but she had a lot of things she could make wishes on or avoid by saying a phrase or tossing some salt.  When a cardinal showed up, she counted to 3 and made a wish.  She made lots of wishes.  She always believed that her wishes could come true and they usually did.  People said she was “lucky.”

What do you wish for?  Is it the same thing, over and over?  Is it something different all the time?  Do you believe your wishes could come true?

Our wishes can tell us a lot about what we really want.  Even if it feels out of reach at the moment, we can believe that we can have it – when we are ready for it.  When we are ready to accept the fact that we are deserving of it.

Make a wish today and believe it is coming true right now.


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