It can be challenging when we cannot see down the next part of our path.  We may worry that it might be scary or we will not be capable of handling it. We might feel unsure and unsteady when we do not know what is coming next.

What we believe and think about is what we create in our lives.  So if we are worried, we will create more worry.  If we are stressed out about our capabilities, we will create more stress – and less belief in ourselves.

It is true that less than wonderful things happen sometimes.  But even when we have something challenging happen, we still have some control over it.  We have control over our thoughts and how we perceive things.

Some people love to be scared – so much so that they pay to be scared.  They go to horror movies and ride scary rides and do adventure sports like jumping out of airplanes.  They perceive things that others would think of as scary differently – with excited energy instead of fear, which can be a heavy emotion that sometimes holds us back from taking action.

If we believe that we are capable human beings, doing the best we can on this journey here on earth – we give ourselves a loving foundation.  So when something scary happens, we can look at it with loving energy.  We can know that we are capable of finding a way to handle it.  We can even look at it like it is an opportunity for growth – a challenge, or puzzle, to be solved.

It is okay not to know what is coming next.  Whatever it is, you are fully capable of handling it in a way that will make your life even more wonderful.  Take a deep breath now – and just keep moving.


Photo credit: Avril Guthrie

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