Believe In Miracles Today

This week we are talking about miracles and magic.  There are a lot of both in our lives.  How we think about them is important.

If we think they do not exist – they will not exist for us.  We will explain them away as fate, chance or luck.  If we think that only less than wonderful things happen to us – that is what we will see.  We will explain it by thinking we just have bad luck.

But if we think that miracles are always all around us – that is what we will see.  When we believe that we are deserving of miracles in our lives – we will see miracles.  When we believe that miracles and magic are just a part of life, they will become a part of our everyday lives.

If you do not usually believe in miracles, try suspending your disbelief today.  Open up your heart and look around for the beauty and joy.

Believe in miracles today.  It is much easier to see them in your life when you believe.


Photo credit: Pete Schulte ~ Find his photography site here:

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  1. That is so very true. Miracles are the consequence of what we see in life and how we deal with life. And it all is about our perception about us and what is around us. The more wonders we allow to be possible, the more beauty we try to discover the more wonders and beauty we will find.

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