On Monday we talked about how what we believe affects what we actually get.  If we do not believe we can have something, it can be very challenging to actually get it.  But if we do believe – it is much easier for what we want to show up in our lives.

Today let’s talk about clearing the way for what we want.

When we think about our dream life – the job, the love, the things we dream about having in our lives – how different is it from the lives we are living now?  Is it radically different than how we are living right now?  If it is, there might be some preparing we can do.  There might be some things we need to let go of first.  There might be some things we need to learn first.  We can get ready to live the life of our dreams.

If we want more love in our lives, more friends, more romance – however we want to see more love show up – we can look at our lives right now and make some adjustments.  Practically speaking, if our schedules are packed full, we may need to clear some time and space.

How do we feel about loving others?  Is it a pure joy or is it a big old burden?  If we want love to be joy, we can adjust our mindset.

And how do we feel about being loved?  If we are not yet accepting love with an open heart, we can look at why not.  If we really want to find more love, we need to be ready for it when it does show up or it will not stick.  We can look at what we believe about being lovable and clear out any thoughts that maybe we do not deserve it.  Because we really do deserve love.  All of us.

When our dreams are very different from the way we are living, we can clear out the old stuff to get ready for the new.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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