Best Post Ever & A Challenge For You!


“Who can I help today?”

It was a short post on Facebook.  It was the best thing I have read – and I read a lot.  It was posted by a lovely Facebook friend who I know is a busy business woman.

She got several requests right away and that made me super happy too.  I love to see people reaching out and asking for what they need.  That is awesome.

My challenge to you is to put up the same post on social media.  My friend could not do everything on her “list,” but she knew others who maybe could and she offered to ask around.  We can always be resourceful, just like that.

Let’s see who we can help today.  The real gift is to ourselves when we help others.  It feels amazing to be a part of the change we all want to see in the world.  Can you imagine if everyone asked, “Who can I help today?”  Oh the things we could accomplish!


Thank you Suzette Denny for inspiring this post!  Suzette owns Cash in the Closet.  Please stop in and see her when you are in the area.  You can find her on Facebook at:

Photo credit: Dot Thorman

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