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When we have tunnel vision we do not see the whole picture.  We need the whole picture to truly enjoy life.  We need the whole picture to make the best decisions for ourselves.

We give ourselves tunnel vision when we are too focused on just one thing.  Our jobs, our homes, our children, our schooling – any one thing we do can give us tunnel vision if we are only paying attention to it.

We can look around our lives and make sure we are living in a balanced way.  We can make sure we are engaging our spirits, minds and bodies every day.  That will help us see the whole picture.

Fear can also give us tunnel vision.  When we are afraid to look at the whole picture – afraid of what we might see – we often retreat into tunnel vision. It might feel safe, but we are seriously limiting ourselves when we retreat.

Fear is designed to keep us safe.  If fear is giving us tunnel vision, we can look around and find ways to help ourselves feel safe.  If there is no danger around, we can be assured that it will be more than okay to venture out and see the whole picture.

We can make adjustments in our lives to see the whole picture.


Photo credit: Avril Guthrie

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