Take The Path Less Traveled


When was the last time you got off the beaten path?  When was the last time you took the long way home?

If it has been awhile, let this be your reminder.  Take the path less traveled when you can.  There is so much beauty out there to be explored.

We never know what we might see or experience when we do something new.  We can really surrender control to the universe when we step out of line and go a totally different way.  We can stay open and awake.  We can notice all the big and little things in our new path.

Doing something new – or going someplace new – wakes up our senses.  It gives us a new perspective.  And many times that is just what we need.


Photo credit: Avril Guthrie

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One comment

  1. Totally agree. Here in Switzerland, there are lots of hiking paths. I love taking the train to a stop somewhere and then just walking off from there to wherever. The Swiss public transport system is so amazing that you’ll always find a bus even in the middle of nowhere to bring you back to “civilisation”. Just walking without a destination is very relaxing and freeing 🙂 Greetings, Sam


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