Tomorrow is my birthday!  Every year for my birthday I ask everyone to be especially kind and compassionate toward everyone they come into contact with.  That is always the most wonderful present I can think of.  If we all spent one day being nice to each other, we could all change the whole world!  We would want to do it again and again – everyday.  That is my birthday wish.

This year I would love it if you would also check out my project.  I am trying to get a self-love book into every shelter for battered persons.  I have been working with battered persons for a very long time.  Self-love is a real issue for victims of domestic violence.  It will not solve all of their challenges, but it is a great start.  Self-love gives us a solid foundation.

I would love to send out more books for my birthday.  Please consider helping me.  $15 sends a book to a shelter.  $5 is a great help too though!  And please consider sharing the link with anyone who might be interested in helping.  Together we can make a big difference!

Go here now to check out the campaign:  http://www.gofundme.com/LoveYou

Thank you so much!