Are Your Roots Tangled And Complex?


Roots are important.  But imagine if a tree was only roots; if it never grew up and got nourishment from sunshine and rain.

Things happen in the roots as they grow – they become tangled and complex  – and they spread out farther than we think.  Just like our past; our childhood and formative years.  The roots support the tree.  The more healthy sunshine and rain the tree receives as it grows – the stronger the roots grow too.

Our roots, our pasts, are what they are now.  But we can reach up for healthy sunshine and rain to nourish ourselves beyond our roots.  We can strengthen and grow our roots – we can learn to see them as good foundations, even when they did not feel that way before.  We can change the way we feel about our roots – and that will help us grow even stronger.

We are not only our roots.  We are also the trees that grow up healthy and strong.  There is so much more to life than what we learned and experienced in our beginnings.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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