Be Your Own Inspiration


It was quite a hike – up the side of a mountain to see a waterfall.  It was a fairly steep climb.  Halfway up, we all thought we should have already been at the top.  It was humid and we could hear thunder nearby.  We could have easily stopped there at the halfway mark.

But we didn’t stop.  We pushed on up the side of the mountain.

The view, as we got closer to the waterfall, was spectacular.  There were all kinds of interesting rocks and trees.  It was a climb, but it was worth it.  And the waterfall at the top was amazing.

When we got to the end of the trail, we all felt great about ourselves.  We were all happy with our efforts, even when we struggled.  We were very pleased with ourselves.  We inspired ourselves.

We can all inspire ourselves when we take on a challenge – and instead of keeping our heads down and worrying about what is happening – we look around at the view.  We take in all the beauty of the moment.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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