What Does Your Reflection Look Like?


Our lives are reflections of what we think and believe – about ourselves, about others – about what we can and cannot do.  Our beliefs are what we see manifesting in our lives.

When we do not enjoy the reflections – what we see in our lives – the first place we can check for distortions is in our beliefs.

Often we hold onto other’s beliefs, even when they do not serve us.  Like our parent’s or caregiver’s beliefs.  When we look at what we feel is not working well in our lives – we can look at our beliefs around it first.

If it is a work situation – look at what you believe about work.  Do you believe you have to work hard and long, and that you are never rewarded enough?  Where did that belief come from?  How did your caregivers feel about work when you were growing up?  Do you really believe that?  Do you think it is absolutely always true?  Do you think maybe it could be different?

We can do this for anything we feel challenged by – work, love, spirituality.  It is okay to look at our beliefs and it is okay to change them when they are not helpful in our lives.


Photo credit: Pete Schulte ~ Find his photography site here: http://www.pixbypete4u.net

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