Are You Feeling The Love?


We are all wonderful in our own ways.  Even when we feel like we are messing up, we are doing the best we know how in the moment.  So why do we sometimes concentrate on the mess ups so much more than the wonderful things about us?

We energize whatever we are focused on.  So when we are still thinking about our “mess up” days or even weeks later – we use energy to keep it alive and it continues to effect us.

Until we let it go – until we forgive ourselves – we are keeping the “mess up” and our feelings about it alive.

When we are ready we can choose to forgive ourselves.  Until we let it go, we cannot be fully effective in the world.  It holds us back to focus on the things we do not enjoy about ourselves.

Give yourself some love today and let go of anything that you have been berating yourself for.  Focus in on the part of you that shines.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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