Yesterday we talked about letting go.  Today let’s think about what we are letting go of and how to let go of it.

Think of every rock in the stream as something we are still holding onto.  Something we did – a mistake we think we made – a mistake we think someone else made – a lost opportunity…a time when we wanted to act, but did not.  For everything we do not let go of, it takes some of our energy,  our attention and our focus.

All of the things we hold onto are like rocks in our stream.  When we have lots of rocks, it really slows down the flow of the water.  We often do not get much done because our energy is scattered everywhere.

Letting go can mean several things.  It can mean forgiving someone – or ourselves.  It can mean mourning the loss of something – or someone.  It can mean a clearing out – even of physical things when we have collected too much and feel weighed down.  It can mean transforming our lives.

Letting go is important to keep our lives flowing.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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