People express themselves in many ways.  Sometimes when they need attention or love, they can act in ways that can be very confusing.  They sometimes blame others for the lack of love they feel in their lives.  They sometimes blame others when they feel things are going wrong in their lives.  This is usually because they do not know how to meet their needs in healthy, loving ways.

It is easy to take the blame, to feel awful – to feel responsible – when someone we care about is pointing the finger at us.  That is because we care about them, we do not want to see them in pain.  We take the blame on.  We take the bait.

Every one of us is responsible for our own choices, our own lives.  When someone tries to put the blame on you and you take the bait – you are letting them off the hook.  And that is not really helpful for them.  Until we understand that we are responsible – we do not make progress.  We do not learn from the things we think are mistakes.

The next time someone is pointing fingers at you, understand that they are trying to get off the hook.  Let the people you care about be responsible for their own choices, their own lives.  It may not be the most comfortable way to go, but in the end it is the best for the people we love.


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