Don’t Be A Cactus


It is hard to hug a cactus – and painful.  Those prickly spines can hurt.  But they also protect the cactus.

Have you grown prickly spines to protect yourself?  Sometimes we think we have to protect ourselves – sometimes we take it too far.

When we are so protected, we are often also protected from all of the great stuff.  The hugs and all the love others have to offer us.  It is okay to be protective and to set boundaries, unless those boundaries keep us from getting the love we need in our lives.

Letting down the protection does leave us vulnerable – but it also leaves us open for all of the love to enter.  You are strong and you can handle whatever comes your way.  You have survived a lot already.  Consider losing some of the prickly spines.


Photo credit: Pete Schulte ~ Find his photography site here:

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