A Full & Fabulous Life Can Be Simple


Life can be wonderfully full and fabulous, but when it is too full – we lose the fabulous.

Sometimes it is good to slow down.  Sometimes it is helpful to pare down and simplify.  We do not have to get rid of all of our things to have peace, but it can be very helpful to only keep what we really want and love.  Sometimes it can be very helpful to add some simple order in our lives.

When life feels a little too full to you, look at what you can do without.  Simplify your schedule.  Organize some of your things.  Streamline your work.

We can make our lives even more fabulous when they are not full of things we do not fully enjoy.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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  1. Simply delightful post! I’m working on simplifying my life everyday and I am loving many of the results. There is one area which I may have to let go and that is the handbag. How do men get through the day with simply their phone, keys and wallet! 🙂


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