Like A Bee Makes Honey


A bee knows what it wants to do.  It is a natural thing for a bee to make honey.  That is what bees do.

But finding our natural abilities and talents may be a little trickier.  Humans are all different.  And we are very different from bees.

Somewhere in our hearts we know what we want to do.  But many times other people, and even society as a whole, tells us we cannot do what we want to do.  Or that it would just be too much trouble, too much work – too much.

Usually our purpose here is something we have an idea about – something we dream about – something we long to do….however silly it may sound to others.  It feels good to us.  And that is enough to pursue it.


Photo credit: Pete Schulte ~ Find his photography site here:

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  1. Delina says:

    Too much has been an upper limit problem for me, and it also stops the flow of my energy going down and into the ground. and It brings me to tears since i know my passion and purpose yet i am not easing into it. i am the inspiration for many and i bless other’s life and then sometime i forget about myself. this hurts me. i worry about materialising my dream and that pains me. i know everybody worries but look theses days i find it easier to share my worries here to strangers and not to my friends. my life is so beautiful and so lucky, i am blinded by my light and love. how is this possible and should i feel bad about it?


    1. DyanDiamond says:

      I think you have some excellent questions to ask yourself there. Why aren’t you following your passion? What would your life look like if you did? It’s challenging to be comfortable in life when we ignore our true calling. I am wishing you all the very best in your journey 💛


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