Get In The Spirit


What does it mean to be in the spirit of the holidays?

Around here people are hanging bright and beautiful lights.  People get together to celebrate.  They see people who they do not get to see everyday.  They buy thoughtful gifts for one another.  People listen to fun music.  Great food is served with love.  People pause and take a breath together.  They get out the good stuff and use it.  They take time out of their busy schedules and spend time just being.

The spirit of the holidays is generosity, fun, celebration, kindness, connectedness and love.

We can bring more holiday spirit into our everyday lives.  We can make things special – get out the good stuff and use it just because.  We can connect with people we care about any day of the year.  We can be generous and kind always.  We can turn on some music and throw a party any time.

The holidays are great reminders to celebrate our lives every day.  We can always be in the spirit.


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  1. Watch Racing Extinction #Startwith1thing

    that is so true and i am experiencing resistance because not eveyone is doing this. It upsets me when people don’t take the time tone in the spirit of things and i guess it has to start with me

    i do take my time to celebrate and i am ahead of the pack but i feel annoyed at others for they are only needing an occasion like christmas before they be.


    it’s my awareness over this will help me move on


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