No More Resolutions


New Years resolutions are known for their high failure rate.  We set them with all the best intentions – but we rarely follow through very long.  Why?  Often we make huge resolutions that involve many steps.  Lose weight, earn more money, spend more time relaxing.  We do not usually make small resolutions.  And we usually do not think our resolutions through.

Instead, I like to set intentions.  I set them every week – on the same day, just to make it easier to remember.  I do not set huge intentions – just steps that will take me to the huge places.  I do this all year round and find it is very helpful.  Weekly intentions help me stay on the track I want to be on.

Intentions are our priorities.  What we intend to do is what is important to us.

So a New Years resolution of losing weight would turn into an intention to eat more healthy.  A resolution of making more money would turn into an intention of developing a resume, then looking at the help wanted ads.

Make a resolution to set regular intentions next year.


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