In the United States we have freedoms.  Of religion, of speech, of the right to gather and voice our grievances.

But just because we have the freedom to voice our opinions, does not mean that we should.  Especially when they are about others – individuals especially – and when our opinions are not so loving.

We say that we are only saying it because it is the “truth.”  We say that we have to tell the “truth.”   “I tell it like it is.”  We somehow think that is a good thing for everyone for us to be “honest.”  But how honest is it really?

Your truth may not be the same as someone else’s truth.  Your truths are your opinions of what is true.  They are either subjective statements – from you, by you, looking through the lens of life that you look through.  Or they are objective statements – what actually happened.  But they are your viewpoint, based on your belief system – which can be vastly different than anyone else’s belief system.  And they are based on your past experiences.

Exercise your rights in a loving way.  Do not impose your belief system on anyone else.  It is yours and that is great – but it is not for everyone.


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