How much do we allow what others say and think affect us?

Sometimes it is wonderful.  When someone tells us we look good today or praises us for our work – that is great.

But when someone has a less than wonderful comment about us – not so great.

When we allow others to affect our moods by telling us good things – we also leave ourselves open for the not so good things too.  While it is nice to hear good things, it does not have to be our source of happiness or support.

When we already feel good about ourselves, we already know that we are doing great – or at least the best we can.  We do not need others to tell us what we already know.  We can acknowledge the compliment without having to internalize it.

And in this same way, when we do not allow what others say and think to affect us – when someone makes a less than loving comment about us – we do not have to internalize it.  It does not have to be true.  We know better because we have given ourselves a great foundation of self-respect and self-love.

The loving and less than loving things that people say about us are simply their opinions.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion.  We do not have to agree with it.  We can understand that we are doing our best – regardless of what anyone thinks.


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