Find A Bridge And Cross It


This bridge goes over a creek and right into the side of a very steep hill.  Who would use it?   Who was it built for?  Some bears.

Someone took the time to build this great little bridge for a few bears who go this way every day in their adventures.  It helps them get across the creek easily.  Maybe it was built to encourage them to keep going.   For whatever reason it was built, it is fun to watch the bears use it.  From a safe distance, of course.

There are a lot of very interesting bridges out there that many people have built for many reasons.  I think it is a big deal that people make bridges.  Bridges connect us and encourage us to keep going.

Find a bridge to admire this weekend and cross it.  See what is on the other side.  Have an adventure.  And be grateful for all of our bridge builders.


Photo credit: Eliza Evans Please check out her wonderful Etsy shop here:

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