So I Had A Bad Day


Yesterday was rough.  Lots of people had lots of challenges and it was pretty much rapid fire all day long.  It was all very important stuff to people I care very much about.  It happens sometimes when we care about others.

All the crisis left me feeling out of balance, out of whack even.  I did my best, but a couple of people would probably say that I fell short.  It happens sometimes.

What helped me get through the day?  I took regular meditation breaks to restore my balance and sense of inner peace.  I reminded myself that I was doing my best, even if it was short for others – and that is all I can do.  I got up and moved – exercise can help lift our spirits.  I fed myself healthy meals.  I drank plenty of water. I took care of myself.

At the end of the day, I let go of what happened and resolved to take it all up with love in the morning.  It can be easy to lose sleep when we have had a bad day.  It can be helpful to set it down for the night.  Sleep is extremely important.  Especially when we have a lot of challenges going on.

Take care of yourself when you have a bad day.  It can make a big difference.


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