Have An Upside Down Day


There is a lot of beauty out there – and it starts with a sunrise.

This weekend turn things upside down.  Get up early and watch the sunrise, have breakfast for dinner – do something different than you usually do.

Instead of curling up in front of the tv, go for a walk.  Instead of fast food – find a recipe and give it a try.

When we shake things up, we can feel new life in our lives.


Photo credit: Eliza Evans Please check out her wonderful Etsy shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/lillizas

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  1. excellent advice. maybe take a new way to the store, or to the shop, or try to slip in a new word thrice today-(just for your own secret fun) hope your shook up day increases some new momentum and life becomes orchestrated differently…. keep on inspiring, momentummikey 🙂


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