Are your intentions and actions aligned?

What are your intentions for this week?  For this day?  For this moment?  When we set our intentions to be loving, we can navigate our days with love.  What do we intend to accomplish and how do we intend to accomplish it?

If your dream is to be a chef and your intention is to be a good chef – you have taken the first step already toward being a good chef.

But until we take action, it is just one step.  Without action, it’s all in our heads.  We do not see it come about.

When we intend to be a good chef AND we study and learn and take action toward becoming a good chef – then we see it come true.

Aligning our intentions and actions can lead us right to the life of our dreams.


Photo credit: Pete Schulte ~ Find him on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/pete.schulte1

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