Every year my grandmother would call me on April Fool’s Day and tell me that it was snowing outside.  She’d try to be so convincing, but she gave it away with her giggles.  It was a ritual every year to get that early morning call and it always made me laugh just to hear her giggle.

She’s been gone more than ten years now, but every April Fool’s Day, I think of her and those phone calls.  It still makes me laugh.

We don’t usually think of April Fool’s Day as a holiday to remember our loved ones, but we are always reminded of them anyway.  When we remember them in happy times, our memories raise our energy – make us smile.  I am sure my grandmother would want that.  Instead of feeling sad when I think of her – to remember her pranks and antics.  And to smile.

Next time you are thinking about someone you love who has passed, think of a happy time with him/her.  Think about a time when you laughed together, cut up together – did something really fun.  I think they would want it that way.


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