You Don’t Have To Jump In – How To Ease Into Living Your Dreams


When we realize what we really love to do, we just want to go and do it.  And that’s great, but often living our dreams requires us to make changes in our lives – sometimes drastic changes – and that can be jolting.  Changes, even the ones we really want, can be challenging.

Instead we can ease into the life of our dreams by taking smaller steps.  We can take a deep breath and practice some patience.  It has taken us awhile to get where we are right now – it is okay if it takes us awhile to get to the next step.

Start finding ways to incorporate what you love to do into your schedule.  Block off pockets of time you so you can work on it and dream it up big.  Whether it’s a new job, going back to school to be trained to do something different than what you are right now – figure out what will bring you closer to actually loving what you do.

It can be helpful to break down a big task into smaller steps.  Every time you complete a small step, remember to enjoy – remember to be grateful.  Set intentions and follow through on them.  One at a time.

What can you do today to move closer to living the life you dream about?


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