It’s All About Them


We have all had it happen – we are in the wrong place at the wrong time and someone around us is stressed out – and lashing out.  It can be really uncomfortable – for them, for us.  When those around us do not understand how to maintain inner peace, it can be confusing and even hurtful.

But it really is not about us – it is all about them.  We can begin to detach from their stress and lashing out when we begin to look at other’s behavior as reflections of their own relationships with themselves.

Someone’s behavior is not a factual statement about who you are as a person.  It is about who they are and how they respond and react to stress and situations they perceive to be less than wonderful.  It is about how they feel about themselves and life in general.

It can be challenging to remember that it is not personal when we are in the midst of someone else’s stress, but reminding ourselves that this is about them, not us, can help.


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  1. how true. I find that when I am close to that type of energy, it is best for me to remember I have felt stressed sometimes and I try to look to see what it is they are needing. IF I can get past the emotion they are expressing, and just lightly touch the one they are trying to find, then it helps everyone in the situation. thanks for a great reminder today. mikey 🙂

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