Criticize Yourself Much?


Often we can be our own worst critics.  Sometimes we say things to ourselves that really hurt.  We judge ourselves harshly sometimes.

We do not thrive when we are critical – of ourselves or others.  Criticism is a type of verbal poison – it poisons our spirits.  It poisons other people’s spirits.  Criticism and judgment are ways we hurt ourselves and hold ourselves back.

If your very best friend was going through a rough patch – what would you say to him or her?  Would you be loving and supportive?  Would you be kind and considerate?

Let’s talk to ourselves as if we are our own best friends.  Let’s be kind and compassionate – to ourselves too.


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  1. Very important point you’re making here. I think it’s sometimes hard to love ourselves when we buy into socially constructed ideas of what it means to be successful, good, interesting, etc. If we fail to match these mind-made ideals, there might even be added social pressure to “try harder”, etc. So, basically, sometimes to love ourselves unconditionally we need to distance ourselves from what other people think and say. Greetings, Sam 🙂

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  2. what is LOVE, right? Do you feel connected to source love? If you know there is no difference between others and self, there is no separation, then LOVE expresses Equally. There is no room for criticism. that’s my thought. thanks for making us think today, and a great reminder for us. much appreciated my friend. momentummikey 🙂

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