Forgive Who?


Yesterday we talked about having fresh starts every day.  Sometimes our biggest hang up can be forgiveness.  Especially forgiveness for ourselves.

We can be really rough on ourselves.  We can be our own worst critics.  But we can take those same mean voices in our heads and turn them into loving friends when we forgive ourselves.

We sometimes hold things against ourselves.  Why?  Maybe we were taught to do this.  Maybe we were taught that it is good to be hard on ourselves so that we can be better people.  Maybe someone has been very hard on us and that is the voice in our head now.  There are lots of reasons why we are so hard on ourselves.

Have you ever felt bad about doing or saying something and someone else was also hard on you?  It simply feeds our less than loving thoughts and puts us farther away from our own forgiveness and peace of mind.

Have you ever felt bad about doing or saying something and someone else was totally loving to you anyway?  This keeps us in a loving place, even if there is pain we are still able to feel love.

Totally loving ourselves means to forgive ourselves as we go for whatever offenses we think we have made.  Loving ourselves means to have compassion for ourselves like a loving friend would.

When we have compassion for ourselves, we can forgive ourselves and move past the pain.  We can learn lessons here.  We do not have to learn them from pain – we can learn them through love.  We can help others learn through love too.


Photo credit: Avril Guthrie

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