The real magic starts to happen as soon as you start to believe in yourself.

I know that this can sometimes sound a whole lot easier than it is.  How can we believe in ourselves when things do not look so great?

Sometimes we think that if we are hard on ourselves, we will accomplish more.  Think about that – teachers who yelled at you, bosses that criticized you, friends who put you down for mistakes they thought you made – did that really make you want to do your absolute best?  And think about teachers who supported you, bosses who had your back, friends who lifted you up – did that help you want to do your best?

When we notice that we are being critical of ourselves, we can replace every less than loving thought with a loving thought about ourselves.  We can take it easy on ourselves when we feel challenged.  We can have compassion for ourselves as if we are our own best friend.

Criticism hurts.  Compassion works.


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