Why can’t you get what you really want?  Why isn’t your life the way you want it?

If you believe it is because of someone else, you believe you are a victim.  If you feel helpless to change things, you are choosing to see things in a limited way.  If you think it is your own incompetence; that you just “can’t change,” your inner critic is out of control and needs to be checked.

Very often all that you need to move forward is courage.  Courage to think in a new way.  Courage to be kind and compassionate toward yourself.  And the courage to believe in yourself.

Look at the reasons you think you can’t get what you really want.  You can find parts of your solution right there.

You can choose to see things differently.  You can choose to get a new perspective of your situation.

We are all powerful beings.  We can change our own minds.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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