Things Always Go Better When You Relax


Things always go better when we relax.  Sometimes this seems like it is the opposite of what we need to be – we think we need to be frantic in order to get things done.  But we don’t.  We think we have to be stressed out when something we don’t like happens – but we don’t.  We can take a deep breath and relax and things will go more smoothly.

It’s like getting a shot in the arm.  We see the needle and we tense up.  The shot hurts more when we are tensed up though.

In life when we see something we think is going to be “bad” coming, we tense up.  We put our defenses up.  We get ready to be hit by something.  And it still hurts.  And, by expecting something bad to happen – it often does.

When we are able to relax, even when we see something we don’t enjoy coming, we can deal with it in a whole new way.  We don’t take it so personally.  We don’t expect it to happen.  We aren’t armed and ready for action.  We just let it happen and deal with it.

Relaxing takes the emotional punch out of a situation.  When we choose to relax, we can calmly assess the situation and find solutions.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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