Set An Intention And Your Focus


If your intention is to be successful at your work, then you align all of your thoughts with that success.  You think about how it would feel to be successful – how it would look – what would have to happen.

And of course, doubt may try to creep in, but every time you indulge yourself in doubt – you put your success on pause.  It takes longer to get there with every self-doubt you entertain.

Every time you listen to someone else who does not believe you can be successful, every time you internalize what others say – take it on as truth instead of opinion – you put your success on pause.

It’s okay to have all of your thoughts – even your self-doubt.  It can become a challenge when self-doubting thoughts linger.

Notice the thought, thank it for all of the information it gives you, then let it go.  The quicker you return your thoughts to your intentions, the sooner you see them happen.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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  1. Thank you Dyan Diamond for sharing this post and presenting several ways in which we can drain our energy and put our success on pause. This message is a pleasant reminder of establishing awareness of self-doubt but not to entertain the thoughts.

    After reading this, I am left inspired to take a more mindful approach – where I will notice the thoughts of self-doubt, fear, and uncertainty and then let them go. Doing so, will allow me to return to focused and empowering thoughts or intentions to keep my success on continue.

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